Making an impact in the world by creating valuable solutions. A hands-on, no-nonsense way of working. We seize social challenges and transform them into unique startups!

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We’re in a continuous search for problems worth solving. We explore new ways to fix it and transform them into new opportunities and viable solutions.


Speed, traction and momentum is key. We launch our potential solutions as fast as possible to experiment and to build upon scalable business models that perfectly fit the marketplace.


All dots are connected and the business model is validated. Time to take over the world! We persevere bravely but keep on iterating and tuning the growth engine.

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Startups portfolio


Kanguroe is een service design bureau dat zorginstellingen helpt met de transitie naar een duurzame zorg in 2030. De oplossing zit in nieuwe, innovatieve participatie oplossingen. De service designers van Kanguroe brengen een frisse mind-set mee en zorgen voor een co-creatieve cultuur vanwaar succesvolle diensten voortvloeien die impact maken.


Roommit is the connection between students and housing in healthcare. We believe in the power of inclusiveness by taking a fresh look on housing in the healthcare sector. Roommit is the solution to reduce labor shortage in healthcare and enriches the lives of people by bringing generations together.


A unique service agency in education. Qrabbl believes in the power of creativity by turning ordinary replacement of classroom teachers into an enrichment of education by passionate creative professionals. This is how Qrabbl turns replacement into enrichment.


SureCare contributes to a safer workplace at healthcare institutions by recruiting qualified safety guards. This way the actual healthcare workers have more time for immediate care. Based on a unique mix of care and safety, a secure environment for clients, patients, visitors and the entire care team is guaranteed.


Uppoo helps young people during a period in which they are developing, both in their career and on a personal level. Together with the buddies, college and university students in the social sciences, a solid baseline is created to grow from. This way, both the students and the buddies, learn something from each other. A win-win situation.


Patrick Leijte

Concept Developer Kangaroo

Sven Platenburg

Intrapreneur Roommit

“Yeah, let’s go!”

Mélanie Gozzo

Intrapreneur Uppoo

“This can be done better, let’s fix it”

Ruud Kavelaars

Ecosystem Facilitator

“Getting innovation done!”

Ron Simmer

Mentor & shareholder

“Doing business is doing what feels right!”

why catapull?


With our extensive knowledge of the startup process, scalable business models and digital platform development, we navigate startups to success. We don't work with stage-gates or rigid processes but instead we provide a creative working space and give you the freedom to work intuitively.


Within our startups we work with a dedicated team formed by an intra- or entrepreneur, an experienced mentor and a startup facilitator. The entrepreneurial experience of the mentor and the strategic view of the startup facilitator ensure the intra or entrepreneur can only focus on shaping and building his or her startup.


Yes, we invest. But we aim to deliver a lot more value (to your business) than just capital. By working together, we participate in your promising concept and, jointly, we build a scalable and successful startup. As such, you could consider us as your ideal co-founder.


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